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STOP Domestic Violence… If you are in immediate danger stop reading and call 911 right now!

During Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) the number of Domestic Violence Cases can skyrocket. SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…

If you are in immediate danger stop reading and call 911 right now!

Coronavirus has brought instability and fear in our society. The current shelter in place order is supposed to prevent a fast growing number of infected people to make it easier on hospitals and hospitals’ personal.

But many of us never thought about what impact this order would make on domestic violence victims.

Before the shelter in place order was issued domestic violence victims had had a way to escape from their abusers but now with this order in place they are locked with their abusers under the same roof.

Abusers can get even more aggressive and violent as they see their “target” in front of them 24/7.

Please, if you are exposed to domestic violence situation, don’t wait and call 911 now or obtain a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

How to file a Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order – Steps to follow:

Note, currently, all courts are closed until 4/6/2020 except for emergency cases. Obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order is one of the emergency cases a judge would still hear.

1. Fill out a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Packet

Packets can be found here:



2. Go to your local Family Courthouse:

Ø Central Division: 1100 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Ø East County Division: 250 East Main Street, El Cajon, CA 92020

Ø North County Division: 325 South Melrose Dr., Vista, CA 92081

Ø South County Division: 500 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Find your zip code following the link below to verify where to file your Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order:


3. A bailiff will meet you by the entrance to the Family Court. Inform the bailiff that you wish to file a Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order. The Bailiff will direct you where to go.

Give your filled out Domestic Violence Restraining Order Packet (you need to have only 1 copy of this Packet) to a court clerk. The court clerk will take it to a judge for review.

Please note, there is only 1 judge at each location that reviews Requests for Domestic Violence Restraining Order for which it might take a while for the judge to process orders.

Please be patient and wait for your papers to be returned to you.

4. If your Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order is granted then go to the Sheriff’s Department and ask the Sheriff to serve the Domestic Violence Restraining Order on your abuser.

Additionally, please follow the link below where you can find San Diego Regional Guide – Domestic Violence Resources:


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