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San Diego Russian Family Law Attorney

San Diego Russian Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney can help you with legal issues regarding marriage, divorce, child custody, child & spousal support, wills & estate, and other issues in the area of family law. Maria Rogova is a San Diego Russian family law attorney who can help you with all aspects of family law. Whether you wish to draft a prenuptial agreement or if you wish to file for divorce, Maria can help. She is English-Russian bilingual and has law degrees from the USA and Russia and has worked as an attorney in both countries.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

A family law attorney can do many things but the 5 most common issues that family law attorneys face are:

Divorce: By far, the most common reason why people contact a family law attorney is because they need help filing for a divorce. Some couples can divorce amicably and couples who have no children and little assets can have a simple or “summary” divorce. But the majority of couples can’t have a simple divorce because divorce is often an emotional and wrenching process.

Child Custody: After the details of the divorce are agreed upon, the next difficult issue is how to handle the children. A family law lawyer will help you find a parenting plan that is fair and works for the parents and for the children. Later, as the years go by and situations change, you may need to change the terms of the child custody agreement. In this case, a family law attorney can help amend the agreement.

Child & Spousal Support: In a divorce, it is common that one party earns more money than the other. The person earning less money may file for spousal support. If there are children involved, the person earning more money may need to provide child support. Negotiations can be facilitated with a family law attorney.

Wills and Estates: Most experts agree that a person should have a will (legal declaration) explaining how their estate will be divided after they die. No one wants to think about dying, but dying is one thing that we will all go through. Thus, do your loved ones a favor by drafting a will with a family law attorney.

Litigation: Most good attorneys will recommend that you settle your differences through mediation and negotiations. It is far better to come to an agreement outside of court. But when couples cannot agree, the case will be brought to court to be resolved by a judge. If such a situation occurs, the family law attorney will represent you in court and advocate for your rights.

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