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Having the Right San Diego Divorce Lawyer on Your Side is Crucial because Divorce is Complicated

Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is a process of terminating spouses’ marital status and restoring them to the status of signal persons.

People get married and expect that their relationships will last forever; unfortunately, approximately half of the marriages end in divorce.

For most people going through a divorce is a very sensitive and emotional process. And, it is totally normal. If I see that my client is stressed and struggling with his/her emotions I always suggest seeing a therapist. Some people are in denial and refuse to see the therapist; however, the majority of people are willing to use the assistance of any professional who could help them to go through a divorce process as smoothly as possible.

Divorce attorneys are not therapists, but as a San Diego divorce lawyer, I am always here to support my clients in any way I can. Quite often people don’t have anyone else to talk to about their issues, but their attorney.

As a San Diego divorce lawyer, it is my job to guide clients through a divorce process and help them to obtain the best result as quickly as possible.

Keeping clients informed and emotionally calm is one of my major priorities, as stress provokes people to make illogical and irrational decisions.

My belief is that each client needs to be treated in a unique way based on his/her needs, points of view and personality.

But, each my approach includes the following:

  1. Creating a strategy for clients;
  2. Keeping clients informed;
  3. Dedicating time to listen clients and guide them through a divorce process;
  4. Resolving clients’ issues as quickly and effectively as possible;
  5. Trying to settle*** as many issues as possible as this strategy at least saves clients’ time & money;
  6. BUT, if your spouse is irrational and wants to fight, THEN I fight back to get what belongs to my clients.

*** Note, settling does not me giving up. Settling means to find the best solution for both parties taking into consideration parties’ specific circumstances.

Divorce Process:

    1. I always suggest before filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to consult with a San Diego divorce attorney. Call me at 619-737-3919 and I will provide you with a 30-minute complimentary consultation.
    2. After consulting with a San Diego divorce attorney you will have a better understanding of what forms to use and what requests to make.
    3. If you are planning to initiate a divorce process then you will be a Petitioner. You will be required to file the following forms: FL-100, FL-110, D-046, and, if you have a child(ren), FL-105. You will also be required to pay a fee in the amount of $435 unless you filed a request for a fee waiver and this request was granted.
    4. Upon filling the forms with the San Diego Court, you will be required to serve the forms on your spouse (Respondent).
    5. Then both Parties have to exchange the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure unless you decided to proceed through a default process.
    6. Negotiation/Litigation process:
      1. If your spouse and you have reached an agreement then you will have to draft a Marital Settlement Agreement and file it with the court along with other mandatory forms.
      2. If your spouse and you cannot reach an agreement then you will attend a Mandatory Settlement Conference where a mediator will try to help you to settle the case.
      3. If a mediator was unable to help your spouse and you to settle the case then you will have to attend a trial and present your case in front of the Judge, who will make his/her rulings after hearing arguments and evidence from both parties.

    Note, there is a mandatory waiting period before your divorce can be finalized. Pursuant to Family Code Section 2339, “… no judgment of dissolution is final for the purpose of terminating the marriage relationship of the parties until six months have expired from the date of service of a copy of summons and petition or the date of appearance of the Respondent, whichever occurs first…”

    Please feel free to email me at maria@rogovalawfirm.com or call me at 619-737-3919 if you have any additional questions. I will gladly provide you with a 30-munite complimentary consultation.

Our Process

We will make sure you understand the entire process and are involved in it. We believe that you should meet, work, and communicate with an attorney throughout your entire case.

1. Evaluating

We meet with you to learn about your case, issues, and nuances. We explain the process and options available to you.

2. Planning

We set goals and develop a strategy for your case in order to achieve them. You will be involved in the entire process and the final decision will be up to you.

3. Achieving

We will be working diligently on your case to protect your rights, assets, children, and values. If your case requires, we will use discovery tools to find hidden information. We understand that each case is unique and requires a different approach to achieve your desired result.

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