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Russian Civil Litigation

Whether you are a Russian citizen, who has unresolved legal issues back in Russia, or you are a citizen of any other nation, who is involved in a dispute which requires knowledge of Russian civil law, Maria Rogova – San Diego Divorce, Family Law & Estate Planning Attorney is here to help you to resolve them. Before moving to the USA and being admitted to practice law in California Ms. Rogova has practiced civil law for over 7 years in Moscow, Russia. The areas of law she focuses on are: ​

Contract Law


Corporate Law

Real Estate

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Our Process

We will make sure you understand the entire process and are involved in it. We believe that you should meet, work, and communicate with an attorney throughout your entire case.

1. Evaluating

We meet with you to learn about your case, issues, and nuances. We explain the process and options available to you.

2. Planning

We set goals and develop a strategy for your case in order to achieve them. You will be involved in the entire process and the final decision will be up to you.

3. Achieving

We will be working diligently on your case to protect your rights, assets, children, and values. If your case requires, we will use discovery tools to find hidden information. We understand that each case is unique and requires a different approach to achieve your desired result.

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